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Category Archives: Dungeons and Dragons

Avandra Dice Manager Alpha

I wrote a D&D application. I consider it to be in alpha, and I’m releasing it here for people to try out. The Purpose Over the weekend I ran several “playtest” encounters with a few of my regular players. It was much different than our usual role-play-heavy sessions, because it was just pure combat. We […]

Dungeons and Dragons and Music

Music is as important to a D&D session as miniatures and dice. After a year and a half of using music in every one of my D&D sessions, I now believe the above statement to be completely true. I have found that the right music played at the right time adds an incredible amount of […]

Building the Perfect Encounter Manager

I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for many years. I started back in second edition, played quite a bit of 3e, and am now running a 4e campaign that has been going strong since 4e’s release. Throughout these many years, I have search far and wide for the perfect encounter manager. I have tried dozens […]

Sometimes, the riches really are beyond your reach

Session report 10-29-2009 My players found a HUGE DIAMOND. They have infiltrated part of the cult that occupies the Crater Ridge Mines. They posed as a combination of new members as well as a replacement for one of the higher-ups that was killed (you’ll never guess who killed him!) With the hard part behind them, […]