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Jeux sur un Plateau Tray Notifier

What It Does

JSP Tray Notifier is a simple little application that sits in your system tray and notifies you when you have a new turn to play in one of your active games on

Tray Icon

Popup when a new turn is detected

Details when you right click the icon

Very simple and to the point! I designed and tested it for use with Seven Wonders, but it should work with any games on JSP.


In the current alpha release, configuration is a bit of a pain, but luckily you only need to do it once. In the main window, you will see two fields to fill in (Verification and MemberID). For JSPTrayNotifier to work, both of these must be filled out correctly. In a future version, you will be able to enter you account name and password instead, but that is not yet implemented in this alpha release.

Follow these instructions to get your Verification string and MemberID. These directions are for Chrome:

  1. In Google Chrome, navigate to the Play Online page on Jeux sur un Plateau, and be sure you are logged in.
  2. While on the Play Online tab in Chrome, open the Chrome Developer Tools (Ctrl-Shift-I)
  3. Go to the “Network” tab in the Developer Tools.
  4. Eventually you will see an entry appear for “jeuxonlineserveur.php“. Click it.
  5. On the right side of the window, on the “Headers” tab, find “Verification” in the “Form Data” section. That’s your verification string.
  6. On the right side of the window change to the “Cookies” tab. Find “IdMembre“. That’s your MemberID.

Yeah, I know it’s terrible and annoying, but once you enter it in to JSPTrayNotifier it’ll remember those settings and as far as I can tell, those settings will work forever.

Note: Your verification string should be treated like your password. Do not give it to other people or post it publicly.

Planned Features

  • Ability to “Log In” with a username and password rather than the horrible need to find your verification string yourself.
  • Ability to click on a game in the right-click menu to launch the game directly. Implemented in It only works for Seven Wonders currently; if you play any other games on JSP, please send me an email letting me know what the game URL is for other games.


Feel free to email me with feedback at I’d love to hear about anyone finding it useful!


Click here to install!